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I am an 82 year old widow

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I am an 82 year old widow and I recently bought a MobilHelp system wich I ca use anywhere in the USA. It has a neck pendant and/or watch like button and a cell phone sized ocommunication which I wear on my belt. It works like a life alert system, but not only in my home, but anywhere in the USA. It has a GPS system in it and can track me wherever I am if I push the button in an emergency. I can also talk to the emergency people who answer my alet. I am wondering if I can take this on the airplane with me and/or what kind of verification or authorization will I need. If I put it in my checked luggage, it willo still be "on" as I cannot connect it to a charger. Even when it is in the charger, it is still "on". Will this be a problem at check-in for American Airlines?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help with your question today.

You will have no issue whatsoever with your MobilHelp device on the plane. You can either take it with you in the cabin or pack in your luggage with no problem. When you go through security, you will need to put it into the x-ray device and, if needed, explain that it is a medical device that you need to wear. They see these devices regularly and will not cause you any issues with the TSA security or keep you from getting onto your flight.

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Have a wonderful and safe trip and a great rest of the weekend.

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