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Do you have any recommendations on how to clean the paint off

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Do you have any recommendations on how to clean the paint off the outside of a rubber hose? I have been using an airless paint sprayer with a 25' high pressure hose. Unfortunately the hose has gotten some latex paint stains on the outside. I'd like to get them off and make the hose look nice and clean.
Hello, David and welcome back to Just Answer!

Try some brake fluid; it will remove paint from anything and won't harm the rubber of the hose.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks. that's a cool idea. I may have to find or buy some brake fluid to try this, but once I've tried it I'll finish out this answer.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Hi again, David and you're most welcome!

It's my pleasure to be of help to you!

I hope it works well, when you find the brake fluid and please keep me posted. Just click 'Reply to Expert' and type 'For Cher'.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
For Cher:
Brake fluid worked reasonably well, but I also tried about 4 other alternatives: Carb cleaner, Goo Be Gone, a spray bottle of just latex paint remover, and finally Lacquer Thinner (not regular thinner). That and the Goo be Gone worked the best.
Hi again, David and thanks very much for your reply and your positive rating; they are greatly appreciated.

Also, thanks for the results of your testing of different materials! I had also thought of Lacquer Thinner, but figured it might be too harsh on the rubber. Glad it worked well for you!

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Have a great evening!

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