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Where can you live WEST where the weather is around 70 deg

Customer Question

Where can you live WEST where the weather is around 70 deg year round? I saw San Diego was, but did not look like there was any affordable housing? Prefer Nevada, Texas, AZ, Utah, Colorado?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.
Hello Alan, and welcome back to Just Answer.

San Diego IS known for it's beautiful and consistently nice weather.

Are you looking to rent or buy an apartment, house, etc.?

Any particular cities in the other states you mentioned that you are interested in?

Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.
Hello again, Alan.

Have you tried this site for affordable housing in San Diego: Click on anything of interest to you on the left side menu, like 'affordable housing guide'.

I would not recommend Nevada, as it is a desert (arid) atmosphere and very hot and dry in the summer and colder in the winter. Arizona has a similar weather pattern and reaches triple digits in the summer; also dry heat. In the winter, it gets quite cold for a couple of months and in certain mountainous areas there is snow.

Texas is also quite hot and humid in the summer in many places and coastal areas are more prone to be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. Also, very humid in most areas in the summer. Texas experiences many tornados. Here is more information about their weather, year round:
They do have mild weather (average temp. 73) many days of the year, but depending on the city you're in, the temps can vary. Research different cities like Dallas and Austin, at the link above.

Colorado is quite cold in the winter and gets some snow, but their summertime weather can also be quite warm in some cities. However, you can find more information on many cities in Colorado by checking out this site:

You can find the same information for cities in Utah, here:

You'll also find this site interesting re: weather in the Western cities:

I would recommend first establishing, based upon weather/temperatures, where you would like to live, and then look for affordable housing, according to your preferences.

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Best regards,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I do not want to go to a bunch of sites, that is why I contacted an EXPERT. Otherwise I could just gOOGLE it and spend countless hours. I' m looking for someone with ist hand knowledge.

I would be buying a family home (not renting) and need a reasonable area outside of the high dollar area, that is nice. I.E. If you did not want to live in Dallas, you could move to a nice suburban area with modest housing called Flower Mound.

Where else in the country is like San Deigo?

Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.
Hello again, Alan and thanks for your reply.

I have first hand knowledge of some of the states you mentioned, but not all, so I will leave your question open to all other available experts.

I wish you much good luck!

Expert:  Jesse Handel replied 5 years ago.

Hello and thank you for coming to our website. We appreciate the opportunity to help you with your questions. I live in Idaho and our weather isn't what you are looking for, but I have a number of family and friends that have retired and moved to St. George, Utah. It is partly a retirement community with nice weather year-around and many of the amenities you would find in a retirement community like golf courses and community events. Here is a website that lists much information about St. George including weather, demographics, cultural and tourist sites, cost of living, etc. . Here is another website from a different organization. . I hope this is what you are looking for. This is the best city for your requirements that I'm aware of in the West and you don't have the high cost of living or the high taxes of California.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you would like further information.

Jesse Handel, Scientist
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 309
Experience: B.S. Degree Chem. & Bact. 10 yrs tax preparation.
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