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antique clock value. I have a wall clock which was used in

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antique clock value. I have a wall clock which was used in a store. It is all oak cabinet, 8 day movement, seth thomas, the pendlum is a tubular shaped brass weight . Many years ago we bought it in Stroudsburg, PA. it has a small cabinet under the main body of the clock in which the pendlum resides. It keeps good time and is in excellent condition. Could you give me an approx. value? Thanks. Barry

Sure. I am happy to help but an image would be important to narrow exactly what model you have. Do you have any to share? I suspect it is unmarked as to a maker as you havent mentioned that..not unusual or does it impact the value greatly if it is in good condiiton. Dori

Email takes a day or so as it
goes through our support staff to us as experts but photobucket is a free and
more immediate option. Just download
them at
and give me your nonemail user name and
that you choose
and we can look at these together.

If email is more

Send images to:

[email protected]

Include in the subject line or the message your
username and Dori in antiques
so our support team know what this relates to
and who to send it to...just remember patience is key with such a busy support
staff. Images can take time to get here. Thank you so much.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have an antique "store" clock. It is a Seth Thomas eight day wind up clock, and on the back it has a guarantee sticker- yellowed with age, and on the bottom of the sticker it has a model number 432-c followed by the serial number 4212 stamped on it. I bought it about 30 years ago in Stroudsberg, PA would you please give me a ballpark estimate of what it is worth? Thanks. Barry
This is a bit harder without an image as even subscription databases and auction data rarely details the model number in their information and the case is key to narrowing which model you have. Is this a broken pediment style, octagonal or oval face, rectangular? what is the size in general? This would help greatly to bring the value tighter. These do have a market value in the range ofNNN-NN-NNNN00 (USD) but this is a wide range for your to work with. Dori
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