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My family is covered by California Blue Shield HMO Access Plus

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My family is covered by California Blue Shield HMO Access Plus and we will be traveling in Western Europe for an extended period. We have been told that this insurance will cover us for urgent care (including things like a child with fever) and emergency, and even evacuation ("non-emergency transport") though that is less necessary in Europe. Most travel insurance I have researched also covers only urgent and emergency care. So it seems that there is no benefit to having travel medical insurance in addition. We have a 2 year old girl. We want to make sure we are adequately covered. Is it advisable to buy travel medical insurance as well or is it redundant?

hrguru206 :

Hello I am the benefits administrator for my company and we have many employees who work in a third world country. We utilize both medical insurance and travel insurance. Our company medical insurance (what we offer employees) covers medical expense just as you were explained for employee traveling on business and pleasure. For instance our dental insurance covered an employee working abroad who needed an emergency dental procedure. We use our travel insurance in the case of a legal or other emergency situation. Fortunately we have never needed to use our travel insurance but one of the reasons we have it is because it covers this type of situation.... Employee in need of medical or other emergency (such as legal) needs to get back to the US, the the travel insurance company will actually take money when needed to assist. So what I am saying is that you should verify with your medical company how it will cover medical needs while traveling and you should check with a travel insurance company about additional services outside of medical and then see if you still have a need. As stated we use it more because of the areas our employees work, it may not be needed in Europe and other developed areas.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Perhaps nobody else can answer this question definitively without having my insurance (unless you are able to check my insurance). However, when I said "travel insurance" I meant "travel medical insurance", not insurance for such things as cancellations. Is that what you meant by "legal. . .situation"? My overall question is do I need travel medical insurance on top of the coverage (or reimbursement) I get from my HMO in California. It sounds like you are saying travel medical insurance is primarily used (at least by your company, which might not be relevant to me) for the need for medical evacuation.

Also your meaning is not clear to me when you say: "the the travel insurance company will actually take money when needed to assist."
I apologize if I strayed too far from the question, my point was that in my experience our medical insurance did cover just as much as the travel insurance with the exception of a medical emergency that required cash money to evacuate the country. In your situation it is my opinion that you will not find much benefit from travel insurance when you have a plan such as Blue Shield in California that will cover urgent and emergency care.
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