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So here is the deal. I am currently getting ready to move into

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So here is the deal. I am currently getting ready to move into an apt with a roommate and I need to start preparing now so I'll be all set when I move in. Long story short I rushed out of my parents house and now I am inexperienced when it comes to all of this. I would like to start getting experience now and would like some help on figuring out how everything works.

I will need to buy a bed and I'm not sure how it will work. Do places deliver beds and set them up for you? I'm not too good with my hands so I sure wouldn't be able to do it myself. I'm not sure if a bed can fit in a car either which is why I guess they will deliver it!

What all do I really need in a room? I know I'll need a bed, and a dresser but is there anything else I'll really need? Are there any recommendations for things I should buy for my room so I'll be all set?
Hi, and welcome back to Just Answer!

How exciting! You're moving into your own place with a roommate! Laughing

Regarding buying a bed, yes, the place you buy it from will deliver it and set it up for you. Assume you're buying whatever size bed (twin, queen, king), this would include a mattress, a box spring (which goes under the mattress) and a frame. The frame is typically metal, it will be put together with screws by the delivery men who will then place the box spring, then the mattress on top. If you want a 'platform' bed, you don't need a box spring, and the mattress just fits into the space on top of the platform--it sort of looks like an empty sandbox and the mattress fits right into it. However, platform beds are usually more expensive.

The only way to transport a mattress yourself with your car, is to tie it to the roof of the car, which I do not advise. Do it the right way, choose what you like and what's within your budget, and ask for it to be delivered--there is usually an extra charge for delivery unless the store where you buy it is running a sale or 'special' of some kind when you purchase the bed.

Of course, for the bed, you will need bedding, so you will have to buy at least 2 sheets, two pillow cases (pillows, if you don't have them), in the correct size for the bed, and a blanket, summer quilt or comforter, depending on the season and weather where you live. Sheets come in flat and fitted; fitted sheets have elastic at the corners and flat sheets have no elastic. Many sheets are sold in sets with one flat sheet, one fitted, one or two pillow cases and then there is a 'bed in a bag', which includes a comforter, too.

As far as what else you will need in your room, yes, a dresser for your clothes or if you don't want a big, heavy piece of furniture, you can buy those clear (or colored) plastic stackable drawers which come in different sizes, for your folded clothes, and I assume you'll have a closet in your room for your hanging clothes. You can also use a stack of these drawers as a bedside or night table for your alarm clock, clock radio, small lamp, etc.

If your room is not carpeted, you might want to put down a little throw rug next to the bed so when you step on the floor it's not cold.

You also might want to buy some curtains for the window if there is no window covering, or even if there are blinds or a shade, etc., you still might want to add a splash of color with curtains that will match your bedding. A few simple pictures and a bulletin board might be good for the walls, but you don't have to do everything at once. Just get the essentials, and then start added pieces as you like.

Oh, also, when you're shopping for bed linens, you will want to pick up a couple of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. If you will have your own bathroom, you'll also need a shower curtain, if there isn't one already there, and you can buy an inexpensive bathroom set inclluding a soap dish, a liquid soap dispenser, tissue box holder and waste basket.

Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and Kmart are good places to shop for these things and if money is tight, look for things on sale. July 4th is coming up, so there will be many sales going on all over.......even for beds!

I wish you much good luck in your move and please let me know if you have any further questions or need any additional information by clicking on 'Reply to Expert' or "Continue Conversation" before rating my answer.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to only click a smiley face and then 'SUBMIT' if you have no more questions and are able to rate my answer in a positive manner with the smiley faces on the right, for example, 'Great Service' (Laughing), when you are 100% satisfied.

My only goal is your 100% satisfaction! If you have questions about the ratings or there is a site problem, please let me know before rating, so I can have it taken care of for you. Thanks!

Best regards,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Amazing answer! I do appreciate the answer. I do however have another question regarding bed size. When buying sheets, would it specifically say a size or would the size just be queen, kind, or twin? If not where do I find the size of the bed and does the sheets have to be the exact size of the bed?
Hi again, and you're most welcome!

I'm so glad you found my answer helpful!

Thanks for your patience, as I was offline when you posted back.

I just realized I left out one bed size: full. So, there's twin, full, queen, king. When you go bed shopping, the mattresses will be labeled or you can ask the salesperson to see particular sizes and decide which one you prefer and also, keep in mind the size of the space in your new bedroom. It would be a good idea to measure the space where your bed will go, in your room, and have the dimensions with you.

The mattresses will be labeled with the dimensions in feet/inches in addition to the 'names' of the sizes. When you go shopping for sheets, the packages will be labeled with the size to match the bed sizes in both words (for example, twin, full, etc. and inches). Yes, the sheets have to be the exact size of the bed by 'name', but of course the sheet size in inches will be larger, so it can fit the bed properly. If you're starting new, you'll buy sheets that have the exact size of the bed on it. If you have the opportunity to buy sheets at a great sale, or someone is willing to give you some, and it is not the exact size of your bed, you can always use a sheet that is larger (never smaller) than the bed size, and just tuck the excess in, on the sides and at the corners.

When shopping for sheets and pillow cases, it would be best to look for 100% cotton. Many come in a polyester (or 'poly')/cotton combination, but those sheets will start to 'pill' (tiny balls of material will become apparent) and also can make you perspire more. If you're on a budget and you can only afford poly/cotton mix at this time, that's fine, I just wanted to let you know the difference. Also, you will see a 'thread count' on the sheet packages. The higher the thread count, the better the quality of the material, but also, the higher the price. Anything over 200 is good.

I hope this information helped you further.

Please remember to rate my answer positively, and if you would like me to help you with future questions, just begin your question with 'For Cher'. Thanks!

Best wishes,
Cher Laughing
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