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I have a coir fiber doormat that my cat decided to mark...any

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I have a coir fiber doormat that my cat decided to mark...any ideas on how to clean it?
I'm thinking of throwing it in the tub and using pet stain/odor remover and a bristle brush, although I know it's going to be a mess in the end.
I have tried using my SpotBot, but it sucked a ton of the long fibers into the machine unfortunately!
Just looking for any other easy ideas if anyone has any!
Also - vinegar - would that work or will it take color out?
Thanks so much!
Hi, and welcome back to Just Answer.

Did you use the SpotBot first, before anything else?

What color is the mat?

Did the cat mark with urine or feces?

Thanks for all your additional information.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Cher,

I had tried the SpotBot on it probably about a year ago. But this time, I definitely do not want to go that route, since it really plugged it up.
He marked it with urine, unfortunately.

Hi again, and you're most welcome!

Thanks for your reply with additional information.

I understand re: the SpotBot and the long fibers, but I know that machine does a great job on other surfaces! Smile

Yes, it is unfortunate that your kitty marked it with urine. My best suggestion would be to try an enzyme-based product for pet stains/odor removal (not in the tub) like Nature's Miracle, Urine Off or Zero Odor (follow directions on the product). They really do remove the smell/stain effectively on materials that can be treated with water. I'd first try it on an inconspicuous area, perhaps on the underside, to see if it causes any lightening or change in color; if it's successful, then try it on the place he marked. Don't use too much or let it sit too long and then absorb with paper towel to get both the urine and enzyme product off the mat. Place a few layers of paper towel under the mat when you do this, too, to absorb any liquid that goes through.

Here is information about the products mentioned (they are available in major pet supply stores and sometimes in other stores like Target, Walmart, etc. and also can be ordered online):

You'll also find this helpful:

I also wanted to mention that after cleaning the mat and it is completely dry, spraying Feliway, a cat appeasing pheromone on the mat should make your cat think he's already marked there, and hopefully he will not return to that spot. Don't allow him to contact it until the Feliway is completely dry--typically about 30 minutes. You can also find this product in pet supply stores or order online. If you need more info, just let me know.

I hope you are successful in removing that stain/odor from your coir mat.

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