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What is the t.otal number ov holocaust deaths broken by nationality,

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What is the t.otal number ov holocaust deaths broken by nationality, and religion
Keep in mind that these are slight estimations no matter where you look - as with all mass genocides its very hard to track numbers down to the last single digit. According to one of the larger databases the number of Jewish deaths by country are as follows.

The perpetrators of the Holocaust wanted to eliminate anyone that didn't fit their description of "Pure". This leaves ALOT of people in the categories for this.

Austria 50,000
Belgium 25,000
Belarus(Bellorussia) 245,000
Bohemia/Moravia 80,000
Bulgaria 11,400
Denmark 60
Estonia 1500
Finland 7
France 90,000
Germany 130,000
Great Britain 130
Greece 65,000
Hungary 450,000
Italy 7500
Latvia 70,000
Lithuania 220,000
Luxembourg 1950
The Netherlands 106,000
Norway 870
Poland 2,900,000
Russia 107,000
Romania 270,000
Slovakia 71,000
Ukraine 900,000
Yugoslavia 60,000

And an additional rough amount to total 5.6 to 6.3 million.

This would would also consider to include
3 million Soviet POWs
~3 million polish Catholics
700.000 Serbians
up to 250.000 Roma, Sinti and Lalleri
80,000 Germans from Politial Religious and resistance forces
70,000 handicapped Germans
12,000 Homosexual Germans
and up to 2750 Jehovah's Witnesses

I know its tough to get a solid number, but these are roughly how they break down. Unfortunately narrowing them down to single numbers would be unbelievably hard, if possible at all.

I hope this helps you

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