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pdheslin, Consultant
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 2635
Experience:  20+ years of internet site creation and search engine optimization. Dozens of search tools at my disposal.
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For Pam Heslin can we talk other way my phone gets stuck this

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For Pam Heslin can we talk other way my phone gets stuck this way

Pam Heslin :

Hi, thank you for requesting me again, I appreciate it. I want to answer your question about your sister, but the whole question didn't come through. Can you tell me what your question is please? Thank you :)

JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : For a while I've been issue with her
Pam Heslin :

For a while you've been having issues with her, over what?

JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : Her kids
Pam Heslin :

What is your question about this that I can answer?

JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I or anybody can't talk or ask about kids. We use be close.
Pam Heslin :

They are indeed her responsibility. We all have different ideas of child rearing. Short of her kids being in physical danger, there is nothing we can do about other people's children. If you want to maintain the relationship with her, it's advised not to discuss her children.

JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I still not getting over him
JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I didnt go to work because of him and family
Pam Heslin :

Your Guides show me that you are getting over him...but are not done yet.

Pam Heslin :

You are not giving yourself credit for how far you have come.

Pam Heslin :

You are still learning to manage your own thoughts and your own self-talk.

Pam Heslin :

You will not carry those feelings you had for him for the rest of your life.

Pam Heslin :

They are supporting you through this, and can only do as much as you ask of them. And your angels can only do as much as you believe they can do. This is because of free will. They are not allowed to interfere with your own free will.

JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I still love and care for him. I still wish he would feel the same way
Pam Heslin :

The feelings you have for him are not "love".

Pam Heslin :

What you are feeling is attraction yes, but your Guides and Angels want you to learn this important lesson -- this is not love.

JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I love him, but he doesn't feel the same way. I just a friend.Alway will be. That what is killing me.
JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I want to delete something but he won't . If you say he doesn't feels for me. Why does he keep it.
JACUSTOMER-33vyhh00- : I want him to delete something but he won't . If you say he doesn't feels for me. Why does he keep it.
Pam Heslin :

My friend, then that is the choice you are making. You can choose to see him in a different light and move on, or you can choose this painful path, and look at every little detail. Your Angels are here to help you rise above him, and rise above what happened. Please don't say you can't, because you can. It's your choice.

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