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We live in Juno beach in south Florida and recently found white

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We live in Juno beach in south Florida and recently found white flies on some of our plants. What is the best insecticide to use ?
Hello Renee, and welcome back to Just Answer.

What type of plants did you see the white flies on?

Are the plants located inside or outside?

If outside, are you using any type of pesticide/insecticide treatment at this time?

When you removed the plants with the flies, did you start seeing any other plants (if you have others) with the same white flies?

Thanks for all your additional information.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Banana leaves and palm trees outside and I want to know from you what pesticide is recommended
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I never got any answer at all
Hi again, Renee.

Please forgive the delay; I was offline when you responded back, and I just returned.

Thanks very much for your reply. Please allow me some time to get a detailed answer to you. Again, thanks for your patience.

Best regards,
Hi again, Renee.

The flies that you are seeing on your palm trees and banana leaves are called Rugose (formerly called Limbo Gumbo Spiraling Whiteflies). One of the best types of pesticide to use to get rid of these, will contain the active ingredient Imidacloprid. A product called 'Adonis' can be used to systematically control whitefly on your plants. Adonis is used to drench the soil around the trees and it can take a few weeks for the product work it's way up into tall trees, so in this time period you will probably still see the whiteflies. However, while you are waiting for the imidacloprid to travel up to the leaves, you can treat the leaves with various products. One is called Talstar P, another is insecticidal soap or insecticidal oil

You can see more information about Adonis and Talstar P here:

Insecticidal soap and oil:

Here is additional information on Whitefly and how to treat them:

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I wish you much good luck with your plants/trees!

Best regards,
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