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I have the title for my vehicle in my name. A former friend

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I have the title for my vehicle in my name. A former friend claims it is his vehicle and that he has email "proof" that he purchased the vehicle as well as proof that I recognise these 'facts'. Furthermore, he has taken, used and kept the vehicle at his warehouse and put it out of circulation, despite proof I have of having assured it in my name. I still hold the title and set of keys.

How does AZ law differentiate between a valid vehicle title and this other "proof"? What weight does AZ give the title I hold?

Typically, if the vehicle is registered in your name, then you are the legal owner. You should call the police and tell them that you own the vehicle and you want it back. What is his proof? Did you agree to sell the vehicle? Is he making payments for the title? Here is some information:

You may need to go to court to determine ownership if the police will not return the vehicle to you. I hope this answers your question. If not, then please reply. Thank you.

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