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Hi... (i) Is gold currently considered over-priced, or

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(i) Is gold currently considered over-priced, or is it considered attractive as the major currencies struggle?

(ii) i have been told that one can buy physical gold (and hoard it like the misers of old) ... if security is very good, is this a realistic idea? and where would one buy gold bar / brick or whatever?

(i) Yes gold is currently overpriced. Even considering the instability in the Euro zone.

Interest rate will have to come up soon and this is never good for golds as it's better to hold cash in that situation. Also, all kind of pension fund are now in deficit and will soon need to sell lot of asset (including gold position) to pay as retirement check (cheque).

(ii) You can always have an emergency doomsday reserve in gold. It's not convenient to hold it physically in gold bar, the best it to buy it in coin form, like the South African Krugerrand for example:
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