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This question is for an interior decorator-esque person. I

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This question is for an interior decorator-esque person.

I heard that just replacing your cabinet hardware, your pulls/knobs on your cabinets and drawers, was an easy way to spruce up your kitchen. My pulls look very old and antique-like. I would like to replace them with a better look. Can you give me your interior decorating advice for replacing the pulls based on the pictures of the wood and current pulls that I have. Also, I have an oil-rubbed bronze, new ceiling fan that I installed in the dining room next to the kitchen. Consider this in your advice for new pulls/knobs and include a link to a website if applicable. I may sort of like to match the style of the style fan. I could not upload the pic of the fan.

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Hi there my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for using JustAnswer. I have helped many of my friends and family members with simple, budget friend upgrades for rooms trying to pack as much punch into the room with each dollar as possible.

To answer your question, yes, replacing hardware as well as even painting cabinets a brighter color in combination can really revive a kitchen.

Generally there are a rules you must adhere to in order to make sure you don't "clutter" the kitchen with too many palettes or color schemes. Since you mentioned the oiled bronze piece you are installing we can use that as 1 example in order to match it. Ideally, the reason hardware helps improve the look of a room is because of the contrast the metals give compared to the rich, warm woods that cabinets are used. For example, your pulls, while very period correct at the time they were installed, seem to blend a little bit with the color of the door, instead of that "punch" that darker or lighter hardware has.

So the first thing is actually avoiding a clash of metal. For example, if your kitchen is already trimmed with something like a cool metal like a silver or gray colored, clashing by adding a warm metal like a bronze tone, or even goldish tones is usually advised against. Keep it roughly the same if you can.

You also have to take into consideration the color of the wood, the walls and the floor, and try to allow the hardware to "tie in" with the palette already there. Another consideration for some kitchens is the back splash of the countertops This is partially why some people include painting the walls and the cabinets as part of the low budget spruce ups.

The other thing to consider are the hinges along with the pulls themselves. Modernizing a kitchen is much easier if the look and intricacy of the pulls are simplified. It gives the kitchen or work space a nice clean look, free of distraction. The other thing you don't want to do is go crazy with 3 different pieces if they have a different texture, keeping things nice and smooth and consistent actually plays into a considerably more attractive upgrade. Less is more is basically the approach, especially if you have to do the upgrades gradually.

So while typing this I am actually trying to envision the kitchen color palette and the look of the dining room. Since you are choosing oil rubbed bronze for your dining ceiling fixture, i would recommend carrying that into the kitchen as well. I think flat bar style double pulls for the cabinets, and simple single round pulls for the drawers(unless you have double screw pulls like the doors would look amazing and actually provide a lot of "POP" while staying on the warm, rich feeling the color of the doors already have. They should create enough contrast and be nice and simple enough to lift the kitchen, but the actual contrast the darker oiled bronze hardware will draw the eye into the hardware. Plus the upgraded stuff will be nice and modern.

So the easiest thing to do would be to buy single pieces one you get an idea of what you like, then take them home and install them up and then decide. I'll give you the idea behind that simple tune up but you can decide on what actual pieces you think are better for your kitchen space.

So for the drawer knobs, I am really liking the simple round ones or something with a basic facet.

For the door pulls, I really like nice smooth, flat ones that are even and raised for the grip and pull part like this one here Or that with a slight, clean curve like here: though I get the feeling these might benefit a bathroom as well.

Here is another that is really sharp, and simple.

So the one issue you might run into buying from separate places would be the "tone" of the oiled bronze so its really a good idea to actually ask about their returns, but more importantly go to the local home depot or Lowes, whatever the home stores you have are local to you, and purchase singles or pairs of items that catch your eye then try them on the cabinets and doors. This way you get a real feel for them. What looks good on the web might not look good in the actual space.

Also don't forget, if you decide you want to take your cabinets and paint them a brighter color, just take off the hardware first so you don't get paint on them, reinstall when dry.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Here is a picture of one section of the ceiling fan that I installed- the oil-rubbed bronze. So are you saying that I have light wood, so the oil-rubbed bronze is a good contrast (from the earlier pic you saw)?
Well my thought is that its good to carry the oil rubbed bronze from one room to another, but I think because it is light wood the oil rubbed bronze hardware is going to be the most appropriate choice for the "temperature" of whats already in your kitchen judging by the cabinet picture.. For example, stainless would look out of place on your cabinets, as probably would gold hardware as they require a "certain" type of set up.

I say this because based on your cabinets I get the feeling the palette of the kitchen probably doesn't have any steel or silver colored metals in it. So in order to stay with that "warmer" type of feeling, still produce a nice focal point and modernize the hardware and keep the metal palette flowing to the dining room that the oiled bronze will provide this but also give a nice clean modern look to the wood. Even more, if you decided in time you wanted to paint the cabinets, you could still keep the same hardware.

An example of something different would be say if you had white painted cabinets and something like a stainless steel fridge or range or oven only then would it be appropriate to match something different like a silver metal to stay with the "cooler"(as in warm/cool) silver look... but I don't think thats the case with your kitchen?

Smile Mike
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There is also this one....

Hello again Dan, glad to see you back

In order I personally am liking the one from then I like and then the last one.

I like it because I believe the cabinets in your kitchen don't have designs on them or other trimmings, they are the flat panels so I like that the handle is close to flat, and that stays with the design of the door panels being flat it keeps it sharp and simple and doesn't look out of place.

The second one I mentioned i feel like would add(in a good way) a bit of a little something extra without being overpowering and while still keeping in the trend of the kitchen of the shapes of the doors and drawers.

I would then say the one from amazon in last or 3rd place only because im not sure if the design on the contact portion of the handle would be visually "matching" to the rest of the ornamentation in the kitchen - but again if you put something similar to it on and you love it, then you should go with it. Heck, you might be surprised that its just enough pop to accentuate the kitchen.

I would say if you can source these locally and see what looks better to your own eye would still be the best option. In my mind, the visualization of the first one I see as looking better on the drawer pulls too. Nice and simple. Great choices though.

Also just make sure brushed bronze, looks like it fits the "warm" palette of the kitchen, as i know online pictures can vary slightly.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do you mean oil-rubbed bronze? That is the ceiling fan color.
On the first link you showed me ( it says the metal is brushed bronze - but im not sure on how accurate it is in real life compared to the picture.

I really like the shape of this though.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
You also seem like the right person to ask for another question- $10 bonus.

Is a flat (no texture) ceiling a modern ceiling, in the way that a knockdown ceiling is a modern ceiling? Or is knockdown more the modern look?
People are moving toward the dropdown ceilings and flat ceilings being more of the "trend". Both are considered modern but if the ambiance of the room is correct and the owner is able to handle the time and costs(because they can sometimes be quite a bit of work) the flat ceiling would be a little more neutral and appeal to more people provided the other accents were present. Examples of that might be crown molding, a certain color pattern in the room or perhaps the furniture and decor already in the room.

Flat ceilings require quite a bit of work, so consulting a professional is a good idea because of the work involved.

The knockdown ceilings are probably going to be a little more common and you would see it more(for example in apartment buildings and some condos) but with a flat ceiling it leaves the room open for anything, whereas a certain type of knockdown texture might be displeasing for some. The old popcorn ceilings were used for noise reduction but early enough had asbestos in them so they are some times dangerous when eliminating them.

Flat in trend is the more modern look, simply because a lot of people disagree on which type of texture each person might like in a knockdown ceiling. But if you already have a knockdown ceiling, you are just fine to leave it unless you absolutely want to get rid of it.

What rooms are you thinking?

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