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twice in 1 month I have found a creature that is smaller than

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twice in 1 month I have found a creature that is smaller than an inchworm, but is shaped and moves just olike a snake. both times I was fixing my cereal and it had to come out of the cereal box or come off the banana when I was peelin it. what is it?
Hello, this may be a member of the Thysanura family , probably a silverfish.

They are really fast and travel in fish like motion. If it's the one, you can buy trap made just for them. They like humidity and hot places and will feed on anything edible and also paper and glue.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am familiar with silverfish -----I have fooled with snakes for most of my 69 years and I tell you it is shaped like and moves like a snake. got any other ideas?
Sorry for the delay, i was stuck in a place without internet. It might be a Brahminy blind snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus):

Having a picture of it would really help.

I don't think it's a millipede (not very snake movement) or a centipede (bad mobility, they would not reach cereal).
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The definition is iffy. There is a you tube posting that make it looks a lot like my subject, but it is shown beside a quarter, and if my subject were in the photo the coin would be a dime. Could it have come from Fla. on bananas?

I am wondering if it could be a parasite.

Well, the size can depend on sub-species and the age of the snake. Yes it's possible that it came inside a banana regime (those snake can be found in Florida). Not inside one, but between the bananas in a group of them. They seem to appreciate banana "trees", here is one on a banana leaf:

If it have no leg it must be something like that if it moved fast.

Snake shed skin, so if you find a small transparent tube like cellophane material at one point you will know it's a snake (if it found food in your house to grow, like spider of fly).

Those are not dangerous, so you can catch it and bring it to a zoologist for 100% accurate identification. Some pet store employees selling reptile are also quite good at this.
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