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pdheslin, Consultant
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Experience:  20+ years of internet site creation and search engine optimization. Dozens of search tools at my disposal.
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Hi, I’m a Moderator for this topic and I wonder whether you’re still waiting for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will do my best to find a Professional to assist you right away. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes I got part answer ,I ased for celtic cross tarot reading but I didn't get a full reading

Thank you for your reply. Sometimes, finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We’ll be in touch again shortly.

Thank you for allowing me to assist with your question. I have been studying tarot for over 35 years and am happy to share my art and passion with you.

Not knowing what the question is, (I don't need to) I meditated and asked our Guides to come together and give you the best information for your Highest Good. I hope this resonates with you and if you have any questions about the cards or their interpretations, please ask me.

1 Your present situation:
Empress Reversed 3rd key

This card represents your current position as it relates to your question, and the Empress is the Mother: the one that brings things into creation. We are all mothers in the sense that we create and nurture not only children, but our homes, friendships, careers and even our role in the world. But in this case, the card is reversed and represents the image that you are somewhat blocked in your ability to “mother” or “nurture” an idea or goal into fruition. Sometimes this blockage comes from our own false ideas of mothering and nurturing, learned from when we were mothered or nurtured. IF this is indeed the case, and you do feel some kind of blockage related to your question, you can turn the Empress right side up again. Take a look at your beliefs and ideals about creation and nurturing it that you simply adopted as your own, but do not truly fit in with your own values about your question. Let go of the ideas and ideals that do not seem native to you, and embrace and act upon the values that you are more at home with, and allow those values to nurture your goals for your question.

2. That which crosses you; supporting you or obstacles
Queen of Wands

Crossing your path at this time is a receptive person (who may be of blond hair with blue or hazel eyes) who is strong and dominant, yet kind, generous, honorable, and respectable. This person loves home, and nature. This person enjoys helping others grow. This may be a man or a woman, but either way, this person is a channeler of these qualities, rather than a deliverer of the same. This person is self-assured and has personal magnetism. This is a person who can be a mentor to you, and help you to become or nurture (there’s that word again!) these qualities in yourself, which is part of your larger question.

3. Your aims and aspiration; potential to create using your own free will
Moon 18th key

This is the card of psychic intuition and sleep and dreams. You can use your free will to interpret the intuition and wisdom available to you from your subconscious and higher self delivered to you in your nightly dreams. I feel this is a message to you, to make sure you are journalizing your dreams, and analyzing them later. Your dreams hold important information for you, regarding your question on this earthly plane. This is the 18th key, which in numerology is reduced to the number 9, the number of initiation. The first initiation is the Hermit, the “first” 9, which others already see in you, (in the 8th position, so this 18th key, the Moon, is the number of the second initiation. )

4. Distant past, roots, foundation of the question, or the reason for your question
Temperance 14th key, Reversed

At the foundation of your question, is a blockage in the area of patience, temperance and balance. Did you rush towards an goal that now, you’re unsure of? Did you take on too much at once? This is all about patience, and maintaining tolerance. Numerological, this card’s number reduces to 5, the number of trials, tests, hazards, struggles. Did you make a choice too quickly, to escape the real trial? Even though this card is in the past, you can still use your free will to turn it right side up again, by using it as a lesson. What can you learn from past experiences of not having temperance?

5. Issues affecting your recent past
Magician 1st key

The Magician is the quintessential “creator”. He’s learning to use all the tools at his disposal to manifest transformation. He’s learning the ability to create mere illusion, as well as true miracles. The difference being, that when he doubts, he creates illusion. When he’s hopeful and has faith, he creates miracles. His number, “1” refers to creation and refers to himself. He can transform himself with the knowledge he is gaining about the tools at his disposal. His will is focused, and he knows how to use divine spirit (his hand pointing his wand upwards) to bring will into matter (his hand pointing down to earth.) The message is that you have the creative energy, and the goals. The question is, do you have doubt, or do you have faith?

6. Issues that may affect your immediate future
Knight of Wands Reversed

This is a caution against allowing a delayed message allowing discord and frustration. You may experience some of your goals regarding your question being interfered with, but don’t let it allow you to become chaotic and disorganized. Above all, don’t let miscommunication create self doubt and vulnerability.

7. Your attitude; what separate you from or connects you to spirit
3 of Swords

My dear friend, are you feeling sorrow or broken hearted about a gray situation? The three of swords represents a conflict of the heart, not truly a broken heart though, but a sense of loss perhaps over a viewpoint that you held dear, that you had to let go of. If this is your attitude, you are cautioned against holding on to the emotion too long - as it may separate you from your true spirit.

8. Your environment, friends, family, community
Hermit 9th key

Those around you see you as a wise soul; one wiser than your years. At times, this can make you feel “apart” from the others, and can almost make you feel lonely. The consolation being, knowing your ‘reward is in heaven” and that your treasures are not here on earth. Either way, your environment views you as one who can lead others back to a wiser viewpoint, should they go astray.

9. Your hopes and fears
6 of Cups Reversed

This is the card of childhood, memories of youth, and childhood innocence. As it appears in the position of “hopes and fears” it can mean that your greatest fear is that as a result of your question, you will loose the positive qualities of youth: innocence, vulnerability, openness, and unlimited hope and boundless imagination. Yet, your greatest hopes for your question is that you will loose some of the more negative aspects of being a child, such as: acting in a childish manner; lack of accurate perception of earthly truths; inability to bridle emotions; inability to delay gratification at the expense of discipline and the other childish aspects that will keep you from your goal.

10. Final outcome
Strength Reversed, 8th key

A possible outcome to your question, is that you will be facing a karmic lesson about the need for strength, but balanced by compassion and love. A lesson about spiritual power overcoming material power. You may be met by situations that will create opportunities for you to face your fears, with a soft strength.

Card that fell out when I was shuffling t: 9 Cups = This is known as the "Gypsy Wish Card" - make a wish and your wish will come true

Over -all observations:
Cross = Earth (cards 1-6)

4 Major Arcana means that there are many outside forces at work here.

Staff = Heaven (cards 7-10)
Suits 2 wands, 1 cup, 1 of Swords - no pentacles - The lack of Pentacles tells me you need to get more "grounded" -- you may be over thinking a situation and in your head about this question

#’s and numerology:
Three 3’s = creativity, commitment, resolution, three 9’s - including the “three 3’s” which equate to “9” also = initiation, achieving results, end of cycles (leading to the beginning of new cycles)

The story: My friend, you asked about a question near to your heart but your guides are also speaking to your larger role , i.e., earth school education.

The reason we all incarnated into matter, to learn karmic lessons about our finding our true nature, and learning to use our own power to create. Your guides are speaking to you about all matters of your own power:

You’re currently feeling blocked in the areas of creation and nurturing (1) but crossing your path (2) is a person who has the ability to mentor you, or help you channel the qualities that will enable you to free up your ability to create and grow. You can use your own free will to discover your psychic intuition through recording your dreams and looking for the wisdom contained within (3). Consider this going to “night school” At the root or foundation of your question is an event having to do with the lack of patience and temperance.(4) Turn this into a lesson about the need for tolerance and endurance. More recently, you have become aware that you are on the path of the Magician - learning to manifest your earthly desires from spiritual energy and the tools of life: Intellect, Power, Heart and Hand. (5) You can create miracles by subduing your doubt with faith and hope. In the near future, you need to be on guard against miscommunication, or missing communications, (6) that may otherwise cause chaos and self doubt. If your attitude is being overshadowed by some feelings of loss or grief, (7) understand that these feelings will give way to new emotions and viewpoints. Your friend, family and fellow students view you as a wise person,(8) and come to you for advice, but don’t let that allow you to feel separate from them. Take a look at what your fears may be, (9) regarding the loss of your innocence, and try to balance the loss of what needs to fall away in the way of outdated behaviors or ideals, balanced against the wisdom and maturity you will gain. You are headed for a karmic lesson about strength with compassion.(10)

You can prepare to meet this challenge in advance however, by going back to that first card, and turning the Empress right side up again by learning to nurture your true values and your authentic nature. Go through each card in the reading, and see what strengths you have to build on, and what opportunities there are for reconciling your past, acknowledging your intuition and psychic side; letting go of attitudes that no longer fit in with your goals; addressing your fears and knowing that you have the free will to change the outcome, every second of your life.

If you were looking for a specific outcome in the material world, please tell me what the question is, and I'll interpret the cards in a more exoteric (material) way.

Pam Heslin
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Pam this reading has helped alot, the question that was on my mind, would myself and my boyfriend whom I love dearly are having major problems ,he's never been married ,lived with his mother all his life ,can't work because he has social anxiety so bad , now his mother is in a home ,he is on assistance, it really brings him down, plus the fact he was spoiled rotten buy her, he can barely support himself , and has terrible mood swings,sometimes for no reason at times he takes it out on me. we just got back together after a year and a half break up, i was with him 4 yrs. prior ,the reason for the break up was because of his temper,and inability to show love and affection. I never got over him I don't know why, he was seeing someone else ,but he would always reach out to me and tell me he still had feelings for me which left me very confused. I couldn't even date anybody else.And now I'm dreaming all the time about my X husband who was an alcoholic and cheated on me several times , if it wasn't for MURRAY i DON'T KNOW IF i WOULD HAVE HAD THE STRENGTH TO NOT GO BACK WITH MY X. I have no desire to reunite with him ,but since Murray and i reunited I'm dreaming of my x husband ,this is diturbing me. I'm trying to get Murray to understand how he needs professional help for his problems but he just ignores me and everyone else meaning his close friends who know about his problems. I'm hoping and praying that he will eventually ,so we can be more happy and maybe get married some day, I love him that much ,he is a good man despite all this,and I know he gets depressed because of the way he is. I'm really trying to be patient. So now that is where my Question came from. I'm wondering am I wasting my time, I don't think so but I'm not sure. If you have anything to add to this I would love to hear it. Thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This message is for Pam please ,I don't know if you got the message I sent back to you or not could you let me know.
Thank you for explaining your question further.

The main message of the reading is patience, temperance and strength. It seems you have choices before you, and one of your choices is not affecting any change in Murray -- that's totally out of your control. He must make that choice himself, to reach for the light.

That's where patience and strength is needed. Temperance, or in other words tolerance is needed for where he is now. Acceptance of his current state is the karmic opportunity before you. Is it a waste of time to accept him with all his flaws and wounds that are in need of healing?

ou can accept HIM, but you don't have to accept his behaviors that are harmful or hurtful towards you. This involves learning when to back away and retreat to your own safe stronghold. It means sometimes you have to walk away from him when he's at his worst and resisting assistance.

Are you wasting your time? It depends on what your ultimate goal is. Is the goal a permanant relationship with a stable person? Or is your goal your own spiritual and emotional advancement? If it's the first, then yes, it's a waste of time. If it's the second, you have opportunities
pdheslin, Consultant
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 2635
Experience: 20+ years of internet site creation and search engine optimization. Dozens of search tools at my disposal.
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