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Im a 54 140lb female. I must get drug tested today for cocaine.

Resolved Question:

Im a 5'4 140lb female. I must get drug tested today for cocaine. I did one line of cocaine 11 days ago. I havent used the drug in over 6 months before that. I've been drinking plenty of water, but am nervous if I drink too much it will dilute my urine too much. Will I pass my test? I know cocaine leaves your system in 2-4 days, but I'm more nervous about the lab detecting its metabolized form. Is there anything I can do in just a few hours? I live in Los Angeles and I've heard there are places in Hollywood that sell drug detoxes. However I can't seem to find them and I'm not sure if they'd be detectable or effective. Help!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  MsWest replied 5 years ago.

MsWest :



MsWest :

If you last used cocaine 11 days ago, the test should not show positive.


MsWest :

Here are the guidelines for testing for cocaine:

CLASS: Central Nervous System (CNS) Stimulant.
STREET NAMES: "Coke", "Crack", "Snow","Flake"
MAJOR METABOLITE(S): Benzoylecgonine (B.E.), Ecgonine Methyl Esther (E.M.E.)
SYMPTOMS / EFFECTS: Same as listed for methamphetamine.
BLOOD: Cocaine parent present up to approximately 5-6 hours post dose.
URINE: Cocaine parent present up to approximately 12 hours post dose. Benzoylecgonine metabolite present for approximately 2-4 days, possibly as long as 10 days in heavy/binge users.

MsWest :

As you can see, 11 days should be long enough for it to NOT be at all detectable.


Customer: That is great thank you! May I Ask what source that came from?
Customer: Ive just seen so many different things from 2-30 days
MsWest :

The information about this and other drigs is here:

Customer: Kk thank you
MsWest :
MsWest :

You're very welcome!


Customer: Whew! Well, hopefully it will all work out. Thank you for your time
MsWest :

Yes, hopefully all will go well for you. I wish you the best, XXXXX XXXXX you for trusting JustAnswer with your question.


Customer: Thank you
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Expert:  MsWest replied 5 years ago.

I hope the test went well. Please let me know if you ever need more help or information.

Thanks, again.