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How much does THE BEST set of golf clubs cost?

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How much does THE BEST set of golf clubs cost?
The "best" is going to be a relative term because each golfer is different. This a highly variable answer because there are tons of additional costs in making even a single club, much less an entire set of clubs the "best" for each and every individual.

Some of the top sets of manufacturers like Nike, TaylorMade, Ping as well as a myriad of other brands have expensive composite sets that cost thousands. What would make them the best is having them actually tailored to your body, swing and your playing type.

The expensive costs additional to a few thousand dollar set of clubs would be in customizations. For example, there are agreed upon lofts for certain clubs but there are many people who simply perform better with custom tailored shafts, club faces, grips, weights and actual development of the swing - all the development of each individual clubs and the fine adjustments with them is what is going to make them the best for the player. Keep in mind this may not be true for ever single player but that number is XXXXX which is HIGHLY variable because of what a person feels they might adjust to.

Ideally swing development can cost considerably more along with strength and conditioning as well as is what is going to maximize a swing and therefore the cost on the club itself.
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