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When an Australian passport holder is in Italy on a tourist

Customer Question

When an Australian passport holder is in Italy on a tourist 90 days visa, can change it into a student visa ?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Andy4712 replied 5 years ago.

The following link indicates that you need to apply with the Italian Consulate prior to your departure. I would apply with the Italian Consulate. I hope this answers your question. If not, then please reply. Thank you.

Australians wishing to follow an extended course of study are also required to apply for their entry visa from the nearest Italian Consulate PRIOR to their departure
from Australia. Documentation from the school or institute in which they intend
to enroll must be presented to the Consulate. The visa is renewable in Italy.

arrival in Italy approved students are required to register with the Foreigners
Bureau (Ufficio degli Stranieri) of the Questura, within eight days of their
arrival. This will enable the Ufficio degli Stranieri to issue the student with
their "Permesso di Soggiorno". An entry visa issued in Australia without
the Permesso di Soggiorno is incomplete.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can the permesso di soggiorno be applied for if the foreigner from Australia has entered Italy on a three months visitor staying stamp on the passport ?
Expert:  Andy4712 replied 5 years ago.

According to the following you would need to file a student permit. It says you can get the application at the local post office, trade union, or municipal office. I would call or go and ask.

Non-EU citizens' permit to stay (permesso di soggiorno)

Non-EU citizens in Italy for over 90 days require a "stay permit" (Permesso di Soggiorno).
This is a permit to stay in the country and not a residence card; it is
not obligatory for a foreigner to have residency in Italy provided they
have a valid stay permit and are therefore registered in the commune.

There are a variety of permits, each specific to individual
circumstances. It is important that the permit type correlates with the
intentions of the permit holder; if the applicant has a visa, the two
must correlate (student, not working, employed and so on). The Permesso di Soggiorno has a limited period of validity which matches the purpose for stay. Permits can be renewed.

The following are the most commonly-issued stay permits:

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per coesione familiare: permit for the foreign spouse and children of an Italian citizen

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per lavore: work permit for employees

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per lavoro autonomo/indipendente: permit for self-employed workers

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per turismo: permit
    for tourists (anyone visiting for more than a week, who isn't
    staying in a hotel, official campsite or boarding house)

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per studio: student permit

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per ricongiungimento familiare: permit for the family and dependent parents of foreigners married to Italian citizens

  • Permesso di Soggiorno per dimora: for foreigners who are establishing residence in Italy and who are not planning on working

Application for the Permesso di Soggiorno can be made at the
local post office, trade union or municipality office (until mid-2007
this was done at the local Police Headquarters, or Questura) in person, within eight days of arriving in Italy. The application can take up to three months to process.