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Bicycle expert/enthusiast needed in the UK. Ive been looking

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Bicycle expert/enthusiast needed in the UK. I've been looking around at bicycle shops to see about buying my 17 year old son a road bike. I'm rather shocked at how expensive they seem to have gotten; most seem to be above £1000 with the very bottom range in excess of £600-700. Why are they so expensive? Is there a sensible place (e.g. bicycle shop or online) to buy a road bike in the UK? (I live near Oxford.)
Hello again, and welcome back to Just Answer!

I hope you have been well!

Are you set on buying your son a new bike, or would a gently used or refurbished road bike also be acceptable, seeing as the prices of new bikes are quite high. You're absolutely right, that the prices are sky-high and this is most likely due to the rising price of materials and our current overall inflation.

I've found a bike shop called 'Stuart's Bikes' in your area, and this may be a great solution for you. Read about how they refurbish second-hand bikes and make them like new. The prices seem quite reasonable:

You can call them to see if they have what you are looking for, in stock:
01993 850521 / 07889 050494

If you are interested in only a new bike for your son, please let me know and I will be happy to continue working with you to find one.

If you need any additional information, please click 'Reply' and direct your response to me, 'Cher'.

Positive Feedback and Bonuses are always welcomed and appreciated.

***If you wish to request me for future questions, please begin your question with "For Cher Only" and I will answer ASAP***
Best regards,
Cher Smile
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