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To keep Scorpins from coming into house?

Resolved Question:

What type of spray or powder must we use to keep Scorpins from coming into our house here in Deep East Texas? We have two indoor cats as pets and they are permitted to roam through out the house.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


Scorpions seek warmth and water when they enter the house. Make sure that you do not leave water standing around. Using Diatomacious earth around the entrance to the house and where ever there is a place to enter will help. Using a food grade Diatomacious Earth is important with cats.


Cats are sensitive to insecticides, so you need to be extremely cautious since cat can easily be poisoned by sprays.



Sealing all the cracks in your house, including around light fixtures, light switches, baseboards, and garage doors. Where recessed lights and ceiling fans are is a good place for entry, so be sure those are well sealed with a caulking.


Check under and inthe back of the cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms and block up any holes that the scorpion can enter.The best way is weather stripping and caulking to keep out the scorpions and use a Generous amount of Diatomacious earth even in the house. It can be spread on the floors or carpets and vacuumed up to leave some residue to deter the scorpions.



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