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I want to lease a Jetta Sportswagon SE with a sunroof. I have

Resolved Question:

I want to lease a Jetta Sportswagon SE with a sunroof. I have been offered a lease for $221/month (plus tax) with $2700 out of pocket and $2000 for my trade. The Money factor is .00015, the residual is 51%, the cap cost is $24, 918 and the Lease end buyout is $13,869. This is for a 36 month 10K/year lease. Is this a fair deal?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
Gus, how many miles a year are you currently driving?

225 is roughly the price I would expect(using 8 percent tax with .0015 mf) for that sticker price. So the $221 is nice.

I know 2 people very happy with just the sedan paying 221 each month.

My concern would be mileage for you and possibly going over.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Here's a follow up. In answer to your question, I drive very little -- around 6-7,000 miles a year. The question i have is can you confirm that 221+tax is a good value for the wagon specifically?


many thanks!

Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
Yes, is a good value for "a lot of vehicle" with the SE wagon. I believe you're basically in what VW considers their top tier credit numbers based on what you have for numbers that you shared. If you extended your miles to say 12K a year it wouldn't and shouldn't make your payment more than a percent or 2 higher.
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