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I had that plant for 3 days and had it out on the balcony with

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I had that plant for 3 days and had it out on the balcony with direct sun. Within the first 24 hours, the leaves looked like someone had splashed bleach on them where there were parts that were yellow and then by the third day, there were other leaves that were doing the same.

Patience :

It’s a little known fact that plants can actually get a sunburn.


If your plant had been growing in a shady location and then it was moved to direct sun, the strong light probably destroyed part of the chlorophyll in the leaves. This is what likely turned the leaves that pale whitrish/yellowish color.


The good news is that this problem can be reversed if you have not lost all of the leaves already. You can remove the affected leaves, however. They will not get better.


Patience :

Take your plant indoors and baby it a bit. You can move it outside to a place with a more indirect sun exposure to sun and introduce it to the sunlight gradually. Wait until the plant mors, and it should be good to go.



Patience :

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Patience :

Good wishes for a happy plant from Patience P.!

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How is your plant doing? Did it get better? Please let me know if you need further help with it and I will be happy to lend assistance.

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