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Is it possible to find Lt Col George XXXXXXX, he was

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Is it possible to find Lt Col George XXXXXXX, he was our priest at St. Albans Episcopal Church in Chiefland, Fl . A young lady her name is XXXXX XXXXX name don't know as she has been married. She graduated and has gone through ordination for a priest. She has been trying to contact Father George as he assisted her and supported her through her studies. If you could find him and give him the name and contacct information of our new priest he can get the information to Kelsey. Contact Information : Father Harold XXXXXXX , St. Alban's Episcopal Church, XXXXX XXX, XXXXXXXX , XX.XXXXX. His phone is XXX XXX XXXX. My name isXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX but if you could just let Father Holston know it would be much appreciated. Lois XXXXX
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