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I wish to talk to a beer expert:Which beer variety shouldnt

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I wish to talk to a beer expert:Which beer variety shouldn't I age?
I am going on a diet and am putting a bunch of beers I bought in NY in the cellar.
I know that Pliny the Elders shouldn't be aged, but does that mean all Double IPAs can't be aged?
Well first off, congrats on the diet. Your body composition should be much easier to maintain once you get to a level you are happy with and then you can reintroduce your "goodies".
What beers do you have that you are concerned about? Are these factory bottled or home brewed(aside from your PtEs.)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Wow...what a coincidence. You recently helped my friend with a question late saturday night. Thanks for thatAnyway. These are all commercially (micro) bottled beers. I read that DIPA and IPA or any hoppy centric beers aren't great to bottle since the hop flavor breaks down with time. But I was wondering why the 120 minute IPA makes it ok to age for a decade?
Thanks excellent - I hope your friend was satisfied and really hope what I worked with him/her with on was helpful.
General consensus is that you shouldn't age the Pliny the Elder beers because they want them consumed fresh. That said, there are plenty of doubles that some people age - even if its not explicitly recommended to. Higher alc beers should be ok but a lot will argue that hops go "stale". But then if you look at DIPAs and other higher alc beers they can and will change, not always to the palate of the drinker. Also for many of the beers they are manufactured to not really be aged further, as they are basically ready to drink as the manufacturer does the work for you so its ready to go. Its very dependent on the beer and really the "stigma" or opinions surrounding it.
What would be your plan otherwise ?
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