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whats the meaning of this phrase "True southerners were pickled

Customer Question

whats the meaning of this phrase
"True southerners were pickled from birth in our ancestral marinades of charm and grace."
- Dorothea Benton Frank from Isle of Palms
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Anna replied 5 years ago.

This phrase is referring to the Southern reputation for being charming, well-mannered, and highly versed in the social graces. By 'pickled from birth,' the author means that babies were surrounded with these graces from the beginning. The 'ancestral marinades' refers to the long tradition through many generations of Southerners. It is comparing the children's accumulation of social graces to the way foods are infused with flavor when soaked in a marinade. The children acquire charm and grace simply by being surrounded by them from birth.

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