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Hi Andy, my question is a simple one ....I hope I

Resolved Question:

Hi Andy, my question is a simple one ....I hope I have j ust had my sixth total knee replacement on my left leg...and was wondering , what is t he record for number of replacements on one leg...................any help you cangive me , will be a big help ,,,thanks
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
Hi there my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to assist you

Chances are we may never find which human has actually had the most knee replacements. Anything regarding is all really confidential information so unless someone made a public statement about the number they had or someone you were legally able to search all patient records we would probably never find it.

What I can tell you, and hopefully it helps is that the first TKR was done in 1968. The reasonable expectation for them to last is between 10 years and at the long end, 20 years at the long end. Today with advancements in polymers and the materials used as well as the articulation and surgery, its reasonable to expect 12 to 15 on the low end, but new technology might allow these to last 20-30 years, possibly more. At this point though its a little early to tell.

I can tell you immediately that when I was working in rehabilitation, I have only ever met someone who had their first one redone almost immediately, but then having a third one roughly 15 years later. My supervisor who had been in rehabilitation roughly 20 years never mentioned seeing anything beyond 3. I would definitely say 6 is a pretty high number for single leg replacements most replacements, or most 2nd time replacements are generally all a person needs for their lifetime.

To have even the possibility of finding the number, you would probably need to query a national registry, but even then confidentiality of information is priority and is not shared so it is really hard to be sure, unless you are talking with someone who has a tremendous amount of experience or IF that was even a topic of conversation about a random patient.

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Laughing Mike

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