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This is a General Question. I need an expert that answers General

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This is a General Question. I need an expert that answers General Questions. I need advice or suggestions. I slacked off in my job for the last 6 years on account that I was receiving psychiatric help that I needed. I believe I received all the help I needed and I am good and ready to go. The trouble is that on April 9th, they informed us in my job that we needed to prepare for an audit by May 8th. I have worked overtime and beyond since April 9th, but I don't think I am going to finish on time. Can you please give me any advice or suggestions? Thank you.
My name isXXXXX would like to offer some advise on this.

The first questions that come to mind though are what is your role in preparing for the audit, and more importantly how aware was your job of the situation with you during the time you were seeking help?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Making sure that any mistakes that employees made are corrected is my role in the audit, and my employer knew nothing about me seeking help; I didn't tell them because I was embarrassed. By the way, thank you for offering to try to help me.
You are more than welcome, everyone hits speed bumps in life.

I think the easiest, most reasonable thing to do will involve a couple of things.

Since you have been seeing professional help that is documented its really important to approach a supervisor and explain the situation if you feel like you are not going to meet the deadline. I think with this you might need to show them objectively that you are better and in good health for your job performance, but I think its also important to explain(briefly but completely) what was going on in your background life that was the reason that you are actually a little behind. If you are running behind on it, be straight forward about it but make it abundantly clear that you are prepared to work your tail off to make up the slack was was unfortunately applied to the situation. Depending on how strict they are, depending on how much left there is to complete, there may actually be a way to request or at the very least ask for you to complete your assessment and documentation and information prep concurrently as the audit is taking place. Obviously this will be very dependent on where and when the information and your responsibilities are needed but its not unreasonable to think they may apply the incidence of mistakes after or during the later parts. Again, this is situationally dependent but still an option.

Whether you choose to volunteer the rough time you were in as it related to the possibility of missing that deadline could be a function of their response; whether they ask for more information as to why or not. Not everyone wants to share personal issues with employers but if it is something medically documented it should be accepted. Documented medical issues(both physical, mental and both in combination) are a very serious problem, relatively common at many levels and it is well established that it happens to a lot of people but more importantly that there are relationships between being unhealthy and performance, be that physical and mental.

The next thing is going to involve a heck of a lot of initiative but the other part is going to be the continuance and dedication to ensuring you make up the difference and do your absolute best to staying focused and at least trying to make that audit deadline. Obviously working overtime is not something everyone wants to do(some do) but its imperative that regardless of the explanation you provide your employer with you need to do your absolute very best to complete your portion as soon as humanly possible. You may even be able to request help for tasks that aren't immediately related to your position at work - this way you can focus on your specialized tasks.

Be honest and objective about your situation. You can volunteer information if needed but its important that you are objectively prepared for the 2 important parts of this.
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