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which site would you recommend to find out about a person--situation--pet

Resolved Question:

which site would you recommend to find out about a person--situation--pet adoption--I am adopting out a rescue kitty and want to check person out
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


Living in Florida the best way to check on person for animal abuse is to contact your local Animal Care and Control. I used to work as a Vet Tech and the office does keep a Black List for Animal abusers. The other thing I do when rehoming an animal is to request a Vet. reference as well as two neighbors who are not related who I can call and ask for a reference. This gives me information to base the decision on.


The last thing I do is get a small adoption fee, as if they cannot afford that, they cannot afford the Vet, care and food. You should also get signed agreement that states the animal will be spayed or neutered within X amount of days of adoption if it has not been done already, and If they do not want the Cat it will be returned to me so I can place it in another home. I never want the animal to be just given away or sent to a shelter. This protects the animal from becoming a bait animal. Joan

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