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If you want to move from South FL to SA TX What are some companies

Resolved Question:

If you want to move from South FL to SA TX What are some companies that would pack your stuff and move it for you and about how much would a move cost (To move a fully furnished 3 bedroom house which includes 3bedroom sets, living room, entertainment center, kitchen, dinning table)?
Can I have some links or contacts of those who would be able to do that job and if you can include an approximate price range...
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.
Hello, and welcome back to Just Answer.

For your moving needs, it would be best to use a major long distance moving company with a good reputation. I also made a long distance move, years ago (TO South Florida) and checked out all the following major companies: (I personally used Bekins and was very satisfied on every level!)

It would be best for you to call each company yourself, because only you can explain exactly what you have, what you need done, answer any questions they may have for you, and then you can get an estimate of the cost. Of course, an estimate is just that, and ask if there are any 'extras' or other costs you need to be aware of. They might send a moving agent in advance, to assess all the furniture to be moved and get an idea of how many boxes need to be packed. I know they can't give you an exact total until your house is packed up, put on the truck, and the truck is weighed at a weighing station. They usually get that information to you later that day or the next morning.

I wish you much good luck and hope your move goes smoothly and successfully!

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