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About six months ago, my hot water tank pressure valve caused

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About six months ago, my hot water tank pressure valve caused a lot of water to leak up under the house I did not know it was happening for several days and it cost me a lot on my wate bill and my gas bill. When the gas company came out and told me, I had it fixed immediately and I asked about the water under the house. They said it would just dry under there. Now it seems that in the process of trying to have my carpet replaced, the contractor says my subflooring is wet. I have had some dog accidents in places, but not to the extreme he is obviously talking about. Can I still call insurance about this incident 6 months ago? Will they disqualify me due to the dog issues??
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You can still call your homowner's insurance company and submit a claim for the damages. I work in the water mitigation and mold remediation industry and many claims that we work on are long term issues. The difference is whether or not you were aware of the problem and did nothing to correct the problem. You obviously acted quickly to fix the problem because you had the leak fixed (show them your receipt). The damages that have resulted from this leak were unknown until you started to do your new carpet project.

If you call you insurance company to make a claim, I recommend that you halt any more work until the field adjuster has had an opportunity to inspect the loss and determine the extent of the damages. They will gather all of the information and then make a determination of whether or not coverage applies. The fact that you dog has had some accidents will not be a factor in this case.

Worst case scenario is that they will deny your claim. Another option is to hire a public adjuster to represent you with your insurance claim. They do charge a percentage of the money that they recover for the loss, but they also are much more familiar with handling the claim than most homeowners are.

Feel free to post any follow-up questions you may have.
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