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Can eating less then fully cooked minute rice hurt you? How

Resolved Question:

Can eating less then fully cooked minute rice hurt you? How do u know if its done or if you used enough water?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Dr. August Abbott replied 5 years ago.
Hi again! Did you do this a second time or are you still concerned from the first time a few days ago?

--- Are you having any symptoms since eating the rice?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ha, not again. But yes, still trying to figure out about cooking minute rice and doing it right. I fear undercooking and how to know if the rice will still expand after eating. im not obsessed with the idea of my stomach exploding and i want to be able to enjoy my rice in peace :)
Expert:  Dr. August Abbott replied 5 years ago.
I'm glad you didn't do it again. I'd have to suggest that you stick to 'take out' or microwave dinners!

Here's some peace of mind when it comes to anything you eat - in about 2 hours it's already digested. In maybe up to 8 hours - it's "gone".

Here's a sort of fun and bit of a 'yucky' way to know when the rice is out of your system: When you eat the rice, have some corn on the cob (or pretty much any whole kernal corn). Then, when you see the corn in the toilet bowl, you'll know the rice is gone too (though you probably won't see that).

I told you it's a bit 'yucky'.

Now, let's talk about exploding stomachs. Remember the old urban myth about kids who swallowed pop rocks candy and drank cola right afterward? All of those 'exploding stomachs'.... not a single one happened.

The myth about not throwing rice at weddings because birds would eat it afterward and 'explode' when it heated up in their stomachs? Not a single bird ever died from an exploding stomach due to rice. Not one. I think that companies selling confetti and other stuff to throw had a hand in that one, don't you?

The only real threat that eating even raw rice (undercooked minute rice isn't included in this) is the disease potential from fungus, bacteria and other contamination.

Some people eating raw rice (not undercooked) might have digestive symptoms, but no one explodes (nor do their stomachs).

We're built pretty sturdy and we are flexible where we need to be. The torture we put our stomachs through with massive amounts of fats, salts, sugars and let's not begin to talk about additives, chemicals and other junk.... they don't burst.

Here's the part that should put your mind at ease most of all: Our stomachs have one of the MOST powerful acids known to the planet in them. Seriously, our stomach acids are extremely dangerous if in any other place than our stomach. That rice doesn't have a chance. Rather than expand, once it meets this acid it starts breaking down. Dissolving into nothing but the nutrients it's got in it. What the body doesn't use - continues down the intestines with even more efficient processing and compacting until it's, well, "compost" in a sort of neat little packet we deposit ready to flush (yeah, the 'yuck' factor again).

You're safe. Enjoy your rice. And for even more peace of mind, cook it maybe 5 minutes longer


You can ask me anything, any time. Don't hesitate. I'll reassure you every day if that's what it takes. I really do understand your concerns!

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