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I have a Neechi model bf sewing machine and i am trying to

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I have a Neechi model bf sewing machine and i am trying to figure out what the small nob below the stitch width control does. It is right on the front and does not have any labeling but it is directly below the stich control lever . Also i have been trying to find a basic instruction manual for this thing all i see are for sale and don't seem to cover my machine. I have heard i should be able to find basic stuff for free online. I am just learning this thing and need to know what that nob does and also looking for a cording foot for the same machine and i'm not sure which it is or what fits do they make a universal type



Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. Necchi BF came in a number of different models (Mira, Nova, Supernova). You can download the manual for whichever model you have from this site for $10


You can also call Allyn and they can obtain parts and manuals for you.


Manuals for these vintage machines are not available free online. Most of them have been out of print for at least 30 years. You are lucky to found an old vintage BF. Only a technician you deals with these old models, or the proper manual, can determine what all the buttons are for. I did see that Allyn had a cording foot for it though. You can call them for pricing.






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