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You know the National Park Service had to design anti-bear

Resolved Question:

You know the National Park Service had to design anti-bear trash cans requiring three movements in series before the bears were stymied.

Orchardists, Christmas tree growers and nurseries suffer deer damage; sometimes great. The only 100% effective repellant is fencing or lethal. Many types of odor repellants are offered but they are ulimately overcome. I'm trying to confuse deer with random high frequency sounds, broad cast at random times (after detection via motion) and from random horns.

Would you suggest deer alarm signals generated within the herd because of non-clan deer, an unwelcome buck, a predator or whatever spooks them might cause them to flee? Are there various frequencies that would be effective?

I have read that deer snort at a time of danger to clear their noses for better odor sensitivity. Do you think this is true?

Alfred Gruber Newark, DE XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 5 years ago.
Hello Alfred.

I fought deers a lot when establishing my orchard. Knowing exactly what you try to protect may help me give you better trick.

In general what i found the best is coyote sound with periodic spreading of dog fur around the area (ideally not on the ground but on tree trunk). The fur was easy to get from friends with big dogs. You need the kind of dog that stay outside and are borderline smelly.

All test with deer sound made them more curious to come closer or they simply got used to them.

As a last line of defense i used spayed eggs. It reduced damage by around 40% but it was not perfect.
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