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DMV void my title that I just purchased private sale and said

Resolved Question:

DMV void my title that I just purchased private sale and said that the signatures have been altered where I signed the document, and that i would have to have the previous owner apply for another title and go through the procedure again well not happening can't locate the previous owner is there another way around this situation? Depressed in nys
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
I am sorry to hear this.

Unfortunately NY State likes to be 100 percent sure, simply because if they made a mistake in re-titling a vehicle to an unauthorized person when they knew there may have been an issue with the title, this may hold them liable. This will take some time and patience.

You could probably approach this 2 ways, you will need your bill of sale for one of them and I would suggest chasing down any paper trail of payment so you can see it went through - a bank statement would help here.

You can treat the vehicle as abandoned(even though you paid for it), explain this to the DMV, show the appropriate documentation and have the DMV attempt to reach the owner(because it is currently "titled to him/her" s far as their records) thus - this will take quite a few weeks, maybe even months, but could work. You have your bill of sale and hopefully your proof of payment.

The other way which is more reasonable in my eyes is to follow up based on the financial transaction with the person in an attempt to get their attention and contact you. Depending on how long ago the transaction took place, a check could be stopped or cancelled(as this payment was part of the "rules" of your bill of sale and the hopefully then the vehicle owner would get in touch with his/her financial institution, or yours.

The old owner would then apply for duplicate title(usually 20 dollars) and once that arrives re-do your transaction for the vehicle purchase. Either way, I would also begin documenting what is going one with a time and date so you can follow up with this.
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