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How is the quality and value of the Nordic Track elliptical

Resolved Question:

How is the quality and value of the Nordic Track elliptical E5.5 compared to other elliptical machines? Especially compared to Proform 10.0 CE?
Also, where can I get the best deals or coupons for either?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
Hi there my name is XXXXX XXXXX I happy to assist you and provide some insight in choosing some fitness equipment. From a fitness and physiology standpoint and well over a decade in the arena of health and fitness, at least in my area and my years in and around them (in the northeast US) I have seen considerably more Proform products over the years than I ever have seen anything from Nordic Track. This could be related to my area and the places I have worked, trained and visited but I can tell you the bikes and ellipticals are of great quality. More gyms and fitness facilities use them, more school contracts with them for their equipment needs. Keep in mind schools and gyms have SERIOUS durability requirements as they are used all day every single day.

For whatever this is worth, I have also seen completely neglected and abused Proform machines that receive little to no maintenance keep going and going. I have never seen an abused NordicTrack anywhere - my presumption is because perhaps they don't hold up to neglect.

My biggest suggestion is that bearing in mind that fitness sales places WILL try to sell you on machines, go and try them yourself, sit and use them, see how they truly FEEL in construction. You may want to list your essential(to you) features you want, and see how each compare price-wise and model to model but keeping in mind the "extras" are not what maintain fitness and that you may be paying extra for features you more than likely may not use or even benefit from. For example some machines have palmar(your hand) heart rate monitors that are sometimes quite innacurate, you may pay for this but it wouldnt benefit you at all because its not accurate compared to one you wear.

I can't speak for nordictrack because between the 2 cities I reside in, I have never once even seen one let alone used one. But I can confidently tell you construction ease of use and quality is there with Proform both in their stationary bikes and Elliptical. You may want to do some research on Life Fitness as well, while not the only 2 brands I have seen I have also used and seen a lot of equipment from them and they are built very well also.

Keep in mind, no matter which brand you purchase each manufacturer may have a calibration process for every year or 2 years. You will want to factor this in so you know your fitness levels used each workout are accurate as well as providing the potential for easier maintenance and repair. Also keep in mind these machines may require lubrication every so often so if you are not comfortable doing these services, make sure your local fitness equipment sales place has a service department that is capable and comfortable. In the event of a premature failure, also remember to take a look at the warranty policies for all new machines you consider as well as service centers authorized by each manufacturer that may be close to you.

If I can be of further assistance now or in the future on anything, please let me know. Don't hesitate to ask me any of your questions. I am happy to assist.
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