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im a tcmd and i want to work on anti-death and anti-elderly

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i'm a tcmd and i want to work on anti-death and anti-elderly for sure.How can you help?

I could send you on an errant on the trace of Fulcanelli the immortal alchemist, but i prefer to refer you to an article that was published some days ago:

Note that you can already be immortal. You can pass your gene to your kids by the gene and your knowledge, value and culture as "meme" by education. Sure it's not the same as a lot of change occur at the same time, but remember that Latin is considered a dead language because it's no longer changing while English is still changing and is considered "alive".

You could also do it the computer way. Build a brain emulator, scan you brain with a magnetic scanner and plug this into the computer software connected to a robot.

Any route you take will be lot of work, but you still have a good 50 year to make it work :)
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I do 100 mil.Gr Clopixol every month like 50 mil.Gr each 2 weeks and I really feel and look much younger.My cells are very alive but I always feel low energy too.How can you make it for me? before I get old and I die,I really really want it to happened.Look and feel 19 all the times.Thank you and waiting for your answer.



The look is hard to achieve. The feel, you can reach that by exercising regularly so that your body release endorphin.

Calorie deprivation can help to stay younger at the expense of lacking energy. It's also dangerous to get too low and lose muscular mass. Exercise will wear the body but it will also optimize it at the same time requiring less oxygen after.

I am not qualified to talk about the effect of Clopixol. What i know is that many idea that look good first often turn out detrimental after a while, like the 90's craze about growth hormone:
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

O.k.What is 90's craze?



In the 90's and even today, many thought human growth hormone was a promising way to extend life. It was not, and it cause all kind of negative side effect.

If you want to see a nice documentary about the lack of growth hormone, you can watch the documentary "l'horloge interne" about the story of Denis Bissonnet. On this he is 45.
Martin and 24 other General Specialists are ready to help you