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hrguru206, Consultant
Category: General
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Experience:  Human Resources Professional, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida
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Resolved Question:

im trying to sell my house what should i do around the house and property to make it sell

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  hrguru206 replied 5 years ago.

hrguru206 :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. My best peice of advice to you is to clean well and minimize your personal belongings. If you have to move some of your furniture out of the house. After that the two biggest things people look at are the kitchen and bathroom. Mostly because they are expensive to update. If you can not do any minor updates or if they are already updated then again I can not stress how important it is that they are exceptionally clean and free of clutter. For the property consider a few flower pots around the porch or something simple that creates a pleasant feeling as people come to view the property and house. You want them to see themselves in the house and to have a warm feeling when visiting. Consider adding some fresh flowers inside as well. Also if you have a fireplace and have a cool day I would also light it before showings as it also creates a feeling of warmth. Another tip, make sure you have good pictures and quite a few posted online for potential buyers.

hrguru206 :

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