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I have a smoke shop buisness and i want to add some new things

Customer Question

I have a smoke shop buisness and i want to add some new things to it. what kind of things should i add . like a cofee machine, hot foods, window graphics, becasue i want customer to come back and boost my buisness!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


Hot coffee bar with various flavors as well as Hot Chocolate is a great addition as many people love a good cup of coffee with their smokes. Their is a new machine that makes the coffee by the cup. This is a link for the machines: Many different companies manufacture the one cup flavors that can be used in the machines. If you have all types of flavors it may be nice when people pick up their tobacco, that they can get a nice hot cup of coffee at the same time.


As far as hot foods, I do not think that would be wise with selling tobacco. You would need to get clearances from the health department and setting up a kitchen can be a problem.


You may want to offer some pastries that can be put fresh in a case daily to go with the coffee and some small tables where the customer can sit and have their coffee with a pastry.


To add to the atmosphere, you can add some newspapers from all over for the customers as well as magazines that can be sold. This way the customer can buy their newspaper or magazine, coffee and pastry and have a seat fr a few mins and then go outside and have a smoke.


This adds up to a nice little Bistro setting, without a lot of overhead and problems dealing with a hot kitchen and food. This idea would make this a comfortable palce for the customers to come daily and should bring repeat business. Joan

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