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Anybody have any thoughts or opinions on Zoysia grass?

Customer Question

Anybody have any thoughts or opinions on Zoysia grass?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  GeneralistWindylen replied 5 years ago.

windylen :

Welcome to Just answer. This is Len and I am glad to assist you today. Zoysia Grass is a genus of creeping grasses native to Southeast and East Asia .These species are commonly called Zoysia or Zoysia grass are found on coastal areas. The genus is named after Austrian botanist, Karl Von Zois.These grasses are used on golf courses to create fairways and teeing areas. Zoysia grasses stop erosion on slopes and are excellent at repelling weeds throughout the year.


Thanks Len. Very interesting history but I was asking if anybody had hands on experience with the product as far as sucesses or complaints.

windylen :

I am sorry but I never had hands on experience with the product. Thanks

Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
I would really only recommend it if you are farther south in latitude than say Michigan or so. Its a heat resistant grass, that if you decided to build this into a landscaping feature would probably be best off in a warmer climate. There are homes and landscaping features around the southern portion of the US where Zoysia grass would flourish.

Its general better used in areas that see temperatures around 65+, but if used in northern climates in the colder seasons will more than likely go dormant for a longer portion of the year. With these seeds(if you decide to see a fresh yard) you should only do it if there are no other species present, if you are trying to incorporate zoysia grass into a yard with something like perennial rye grass, you would need to "plug" the ground instead of just seeding overtop.

All that said, there are areas in northern states like NY that actually do have Zoysia grass , even in areas that are not golf courses or groomed areas. Its a very pleasant grass otherwise, when cut relatively short is actually very nice for a yard and for areas that are not "seasonally watered"(Like NY for example) this grass is great for resisting browning and droughts in the summer but again once temperatures drop this grass may prematurely go dormant and possibly brown, so just be prepared.

SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 508
Experience: Senior Information Specialist
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