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What is the most effective way to resolve conflict or a disagreement o

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What is the most effective way to resolve conflict or a disagreement on a subject?
Who is the conflict between?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The conflict resolution would be a work-related job if I take a customer complaint job.

Is there a required word length for the assignment? Is it more of an opinion based assignment? Thank you!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

You didn't read my question. I'm considering taking a job as a customer service rep and wanted some quidelines on how to handle customer complaints. If this is too difficult you can just let me know or refer me to reference material. Thx

I did read your question. I always make sure that all aspects are clarified before I start an assignment. However, I will allow another expert to assist you even though the question is not difficult for me. Good luck to you!


Do you still need help?

Would this job be online, on the phone or in an office or store?


Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX I can provide some insight and assist you in answering your question.

Typically resolving conflict as a customer service representative is a balance of observing company policy and executing any protocols they may have as to adhere to it specifically(because you can be disciplined if not) but it also involves a fair amount of compassion and personalization to each individual issue. It usually is never a case of "proving" someone wrong or right.

While adhering to company policy, handling conflict with a customer involves listening and acknowledging a customer's complaints, categorizing them within the company's "system" and then basically customizing a reasonable treatment to satisfy the customer as well as the company.

Use food service/restaurant business as an example. Typically most problems with the meal itself or the server/waiter involve listening to the issue(s) of the customer, notifying the correct supervisor(if needed) but then usually involves making the customer happy, be that cooking a fresh dish or meal, providing a gift certificate for the future, refunding the bill so the meal is free - or maybe a combination of all of them. Typically it is the manager(which is not really applicable in most cases as a customer service rep) that makes the final decision but in a case like yours you would be trained(usually) on the policy and the escalation of satisfaction given each situation.

The number one thing is identifying the problem, notifying(if applicable) the appropriate manager or supervisor(especially if the customer asks) then doing what is within a company policy to resolve the customer's complaint within satisfaction.

[My italicize function is not turning off - just as an FYI :) ]

All companies should have a protocol to follow but it usually always involves identification of the problem and acknowledgment, apologizing to some degree, then finding a reasonable way to resolve it(which is typically within a protocol or policy of your potential company)
SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 508
Experience: Senior Information Specialist
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