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wil rodecorating add any value if i have to sell my home

Resolved Question:

wil rodecorating add any value if i have to sell my home
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
Redecorating is one of the best ways to make a house feel more neutral, and therefore more valuable to a potential buyer.

Keeping rooms as pleasant as possible for you and your family, while making sure that each potential buyer can "envision" themselves in the home creates a situation of palatability for it. By this I mean some families like to have lots of personal effects around the home in each room, with lots of furniture and personal items to make a house "feel like home" and that is great when they live there. However in a potential buying situation if a person can't "feel" themselves or picture themselves living in that space because it feels like someone else's home, the chance of them purchasing might be lower.

When it comes down to selling a home, assuming all the safety and health parts are up to spec, it will help you to neutralize the house by removing a lot of extra personal items, freeing up floorspace and counter space, while still allowing you to live in the home. Floor tiles can be found for around 1 dollar per square foot and can be done by someone with little experience in many cases. Painting cabinets and updating the handles and hardware can completely transform a room that may have been a little boring, for cheap.

Spending a few dollars on the least expensive things like painting rooms neutral colors, removing the "live-in" clutter, updating bathrooms with inexpensive more efficient light fixtures, painting or removing old wall paper and making sure its very clean will really help add perceived value without spending a ton of money. There are also extra things like faux granite counter kits, inexpensive faucets, updated lighting that can tremendously help too. So in short, basically make a house feel neutral to more people, you not only free up space visually, making a house feel and look larger, but you won't end up spending a lot of while increasing perceived value and that helps it appeal to more buyers. A house that is too "lived in" is a buyer turn-off sometimes.

Freshening up landscaping, and removing lots of garden clutter and yard clutter will do the same thing, allow someone to envision themselves in the home.

It would be best to try to get inspired to give you a solid idea. Watching some updating home shows on TV, looking in some home improvement magazines should give some great visual inspiration and allow you to decide what is reasonable to do cost-wist and skill-wise. Plus in the magazines you can tear out your pictures you like of them, and binder those pages so you have your own little motivating collection of ideas.
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