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what is the value of a framed & matted Super Bowl XIX NFL commemorative

Resolved Question:

what is the value of a framed & matted Super Bowl XIX NFL commemorative poster with a picture of Joe Montana and #42 of the Miami dolphins, the score 38-16, date, place (Stanford Stadium), etc. etc. Matting is red-gold-gold frame......
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


Are there any autographs on the poster?

Any commemorative coins or cards included?

How big is the poster?

Was the poster sponsored by a company like Coca Cola?

Can you post a Picture of your Poster? You can use the paper clip Icon if you have a tool bar, or you can use and post a link here.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Joan! This is a poster they sold at the Super Bowl that I attended.....I had it matted and's really beautiful. There are no signatures, cards, coins..... It's a photograph of Montana "dropping back" to pass, being pursued by Miami Dolphins, with an official watching "the action"...........The picture measures 13 1/2" X 18 1/2," the poster is 21 1/2 " X 21 1/2", the frame is 28 1/4" X 28 1/4".............It was sold by the NFL, and there is a NFL logo below the art work...Top of the poster says Super Bowl XIX in gold. Bottom of the poster, below the photo, says San Francisco 49ers 38....Miami Dolphins 16. Next line says Commemoration of Super Bowl XIX for the NFL Championship and Vince Lombardi Trophy. Next line, much smaller print, January 20, 1985, Stanford Stadium, Stanford California. This is all in gold. Below all of this is the NFL logo.

The matting is layered gold-red, gold-red, gold red, gold red. Ooops. There's white in the between the colors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hope this helps a little!
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


The two Players on the poster were Joe Montana and Lyle Blackwood who was #42 of the Miami Dolphins. A piece like with what you put into it would most like sell for $125.00-$150.00. If it had an autograph, or had the added value of a Commemorative Coin or Trading Card, that would have increased the Value into the $250 range and up. This is based on Beckett Sports Cards and Collectables.


It sounds like it is a beautiful piece, but unfortunately the value of the posters have gone down with the decline of the economy. Even the Autographed Memoribilia is not bringing the price that it did back in the early '80's.


My husband and I have been collecting sports memoribilia for over 40 years and the decline in values have left most collectors reeling from the loss of value. Joan

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