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some frauds use a skimmer plus camera to steal all relevant

Customer Question

some frauds use a skimmer plus camera to steal all relevant credit card info (including pins) from atms. I reason that these people can collect hundreds of credit cards per day and if these spent their left-over time on making cash withdrawls with counterfeit white-cards then they would have enough time to make over a hundred cash withdrawls per day. However, if they made these many withdrawls per day then they would be making tens of thousands of dollars per day doing what seems to be a very simple thing. This does not add up. Do the atms have any algorithms that can detect when this is happening and notify police?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX will do my best to answer your question.

In short, yes there are multiple levels of fraud detection used by both banks and ATM machines themselves. While each bank itself has slightly different protocols and "atypical" account use alerts, some ATM manufacturers have protection built into the machine itself, the capability for a bank to sync with it, or a combination of these techniques.

Companies like Diebold who manufacture many ATMs have different "levels" of security starting with the resistance to being skimmed initially. This is an electromagnetic field that makes it all the more difficult for skimmers to grab and steal the information from the reader.

Another level of protection is a physical indicator that basically sets an alarm to notify security if something external is placed within the machine or the reader mechanism. External placement of anything fraudulent results in notification of the branch's alarm system or even the network the ATMs are set up on.

So basically there are counter measures to prevent the actual "skim" from taking place at the level of the card and skimmer itself itself, but also there are extra ATM built software and and physical prevention techniques. Though in all reasonable respects this may be something (the levels) that a bank might need to purchase to have.

There are monitoring systems also within banks that monitor amounts of transactions compared to a pattern a customer might have, and they respond to check up as soon as the "pattern" is broken to verify the transactions are true from the customer and nothing fraudulent. Though what you are asking about notifications tend to come within the banks and stop the account before notification of police not typically at the ATM unless the physical measures detect a skimmer or a breach of the machine integrity.

Also many ATMs(which are more than likely bank set limits) are limited to a certain amount per day from the ATM itself, which again doesn't help with smaller withdrawls over a longer time period but will prevent a 1 time large account drain.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
how much can a skimmer make per day?
is there anything that would prevent them from going from atm to atm all day, and making cash withdrawls with the white-cards they have made?
Expert:  SpecialistMichael replied 5 years ago.
That answer is highly variable based on locations of ATMs and distance from them to another, as well as the theif's "motivation" combined with any limitation of total withdrawal from an ATM in a given period - for example many ATMs have a $500 dollar limit in a 24 hour period limitation. Competent skimmers could easily make hundreds to thousands a day, depending on how many ATM cards they skimmed as well as making sure they haven't tripped any "pattern" identifiers withing the bank itself causing an account stop. This is also assuming they haven't set alarms that would alert a bank that a skimmer device has been set.

Due to the fact that the white cards are basically seen as "true" cards in many ATM cases the real limitations come from within the prevention measures of stopping that information transfer but also those pattern identifiers that are similar to those that credit and debit cards have where the bank or credit union is alerted upon a pattern break. Since ATMs come equipped with cameras, and banks and unions have this software the only thing preventing them from doing this every day all day is time.. and some assistance from the hard measures within the machines themselves coupled with the "back office" software.
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