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I see no category about this so: Im looking for information

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I see no category about this so:

I'm looking for information on the highest 1-3 Year performing Asian investments.
Primarily those based within the Renminbi and those tied to Metals of the precious and or rare types.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

I don't think any mutual fund ever was a good investment, they charge far too much fee.

The most profitable short term investment in China would be in rare earth. China pretty much have a monopoly on the resources and this almost prevent the value to go down. That said it's hard to say if the valuation are already to high of if there is still room for increase.

Try to look for US or Canadian companies like Neo Material Technologies (not a recommendation, just an example) that have operation in China and will profit from them.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the reply.

China has imposed restrictions on rare-earth metals within about he last couple of years or so, as I've heard.

So in conjuction with this, I'm looking for a way to invest into rare earth mining companies in China that are based on their Fiat currency vs the US dollars fiat stand, and are producing intrinsic value for those on the level.......of the Reality of the difference.......
The restriction is about the export of the minerals. They don't want to let the resources go away without a plus value added by a third transformation like stupid Canadian government allow.

It's quite risky for an individual to invest on China Stock market directly. They can pull a Chavez style nationalization or a new legislation at anytime and your are screwed. Another risk is the rampant inflation rate in China.

You will start to see lot more Chinese company listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ in the coming years. Right now there is Chinese company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
It's a bit like investing in Japanese Company trough ADR (American depositary receipt).

Chinese also have a restriction on Share A stock. That is quite a problem in natural resource as you have little control. Some company like the Canadian Power Corp have access to Share A stock in China (they are not many).
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have no intention to even try to invest in China markets directly.

China already Owns about 1.5 Trillion US Dollars of investment for them and Debt for us; the US Citizens.

Then you may ask your stock broker/financial institution to buy you fund that copy the MSCI Broad China index.
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