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How do we go about adopting a young child ...between 8 to

Resolved Question:

How do we go about adopting a young child ...between 8 to 11?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


I am an adoptive parent and be happy to assist you.

Do you have a preference about a boy or girl?

Have you started a Home Study yet?


Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.



I want to start you out with some information since you are not on. Please hit reply if you have any further questions. This is a good starting point. The Road to adopt a child is long and tedious. The fact you want to adopt an older child may make it a bit faster as the older child is considered a "Special Needs Child" because of the age being over 3.


The first thing you will need to do is go for an initial intake meeting. You will get information about information about children needing homes and what you will need to go through.


Next is the formal application. This is where the adoption process gathers all the information. You will be asked questions that are very personal and difficult to answer. A medical exam is also required to show that you are in good health. A police background check is required, as well as various references which will be checked. Basically you are put under a microscope.

Most agencies will require what is called the Mapp Class which prepares you for the issues you will face parenting an adoptive child.


While you are in the Mapp Class the Homestudy is started. A social worker will work with you to write letters to your adoptive child, you and your partner will be interviewed together and separately, Psychological studies are also included in the Homestudy.


After all has been put together then the process of matching begins. The Social workers will look at all the information supplied and start the process to match you with a child or children that would match up with their needs for a forever home.


Once a match has been made, the Social workers will start the process of introducing you to the child to see how you match up.


Older child adoption Canada's waiting children:


Please feel free to hit reply for further help. There is so much more to the process and I would be happy to answer further questions. Joan

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