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What is the value? Artist: Dan Cumpata

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dan cumpata original oil painting. Artist: Dan Cumpata (Romanian/American) Title: Night in December Medium: Original Oil on canvas Signature: Hand signed by the artist Edition: Unique, Original One of a Kind Size: Approximately 30 inches x 24 inches Framed: This work is unframed but on stretchers ready for framing Year: Unknown

Daniel Cumpata (1959 - ) work is very well executed and originals are being offered on the online market for very high amounts however his public auction record is slim. Not many show up in high end auction records as to what their market value currently stands at. The most recent record is that his work has a value in the range of 7000.00-10000.00 which is approapriate for the compositions, size and a contemporary artists work. Living artists are a bit difficult to gauge and this would be the issue with Cumpata. On stretchers without a gilt frame the value would be a bit less.


I hope this helps. His numbers at online art sites are really remarkable and I would be surprised if they are actually selling at those numbers.



Best wishes, Dori

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Dori. I agree with your assessment. I also figured the online prices were grossly overstated. I'm just glad his work isn't some kind of a scam...thought that may be a possibility since those high prices are also on his website. I bought this at an online auction and inquired how they came into possession of all the Cumpata works..seizure, personal seller,etc. I didn't get a reply and suspect he could have auctioned them himself.

I intend to pay, but want to ask a (somewhat) related question. I see you mention a gilt frame. If I decide to sell this painting could you suggest the best type of frame & mat if any?...I expect museum quality glass.

Here is a link to the pic if you didn't see it during your research.

Interesting. I would suggest a good frame for the work, gilt is usually desirable for fine art, to get a good sale price.


However an oil need not have glazing such as museum glass etc. I would spend your money on a gold liner to enhance the look of quality. This is much more contemporary in feel than the works that I know of his so a more modern feel to the frame might work.


All my best, Dori

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