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Question about Magnets: (Setup) If you have a solenoid with

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Has anyone taken this? It's been a few hours now.

Question about Magnets: (Setup) If you have a solenoid with a fixed wattage power supply and an open-air core, it will produce x number of magnetic flux lines. When you place an iron core inside the solenoid the flux lines will concentrate there. (Question): Does the prescence of the iron core allow for the creation of MORE flux lines? Or do they simply concentrate there? Also, with a higher concentration of flux lines inside the iron core are there fewer flux lines outside of the solenoid unit, e.g. Do flux lines from the outside (open-air) move to the inside (Iron core)?

the coil in question produces a given number of flux lines.

the addition of an iron core concentrates the flux lines to the area near the core due to the fact the iron has greater permeability than air.


magnetic lines of flux are continuous loops. for every line of flux inside the core, there is an equal number outside the core.


the iron core causes all of the lines of flux to exist in a more compact space, instead of being spread out.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So it brings those from outside in? And is there a multiplication of flux lines?

it brings nothing in. there is no multiplication.


as stated above.....the coil, under given conditions, will produce some number of lines of magnetic flux as current flows through it.

the iron core simply concentrates what's there, in the vicinity of the iron core.


the iron core does nothing except make the coil more efficient.


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