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Kim D.
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will I see this guy again?

Resolved Question:

will I see this guy again?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Kim D. replied 5 years ago.
What can you tell me about him and the situation? Dori
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
A guy from work that started talking to me, I was not really thinking about him but when he started talking to me I started getting interested, we work in different departments so us talking is a matter of accidents, that's why I'm wondering if I will see him again
Expert:  Kim D. replied 5 years ago.

I just realized that you were probably looking for a psychic answer and I can not tell you from that angle. But I do believe that there are no coincidences. Things happen for a reason..sometimes you can give them a slight push though and if it is meant to happen it will.


If you kind of liked talking to him, I would pass by his area as if you needed to and see if there is anyway you can start up a conversation..if that is too awkward, I would keep an eye out for him and see if you can connect in someway.


That is the best way to see if he truly is interested or just being nice and talking to you when he saw you. No focus on him (that always gets too weird) and another cross in paths may mean it is worth sending an email for coffee...



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