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Being asked to lie at your job can certainly present some difficult

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Being asked to lie at your job can certainly present some difficult ramifications. Again, one's internal morality must prevail in these situations. In your careers, all of you will encounter situations that could be handled a lot easier if you were just to bend the rules. Yet if we don't have some kind of standards that we adhere to and don't make exceptions for, we will be doomed to participate in unethical practices.

What do you think about this. Is the smallest lie that can help your company exponentially a good thing to do? Are personal morals more important?

Ultimately it's better to never lie. The others in the company may end up negatively impacted in the end, not just the customers or the suppliers. If everybody is informed of the lie and are OK with it, it's more ethical but customers and suppliers can still be impacted.

It's always better to tell the truth as starting to lie require infinite memory.

Between someone saving the company with a lie and one that do it in a clever rightful way, a boss will prefer a rightful clever employee.

Telling lies is just like gambling. It's OK as long as only you can get hurt in the end and you assume all responsibility of the act. If others risk something by the lie action, then personal moral should kick in to stop it.
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