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Mr. Gregory White
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I saw my name posted in a website I have never

Resolved Question:

I saw my name posted in a website I have never registered to this website. How can i remove this postings.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 5 years ago.

This Website is very strange - not seen anything like this. I searched throughout and was not able to find any information for contact or how to "remove" your name. If you click on the "this is me" link it pops up saying you will "soon be able to manage your profile." My guess is that they are just filtering the web for names and job information to "start" their own online linkedin type of site.

I went to network solutions and found the following contact information for the site.

TDomains Inc
TDomains Inc ([email protected])
XXXXXbr/> Oxford
Tel. +1.9874367788

I would try the phone number at the bottom as a means of contact. Hopefully this will reach a real person for you or they can provide a number you can use to reach the actual administrators of that Website. I cannot find any other number or listing related to this site.

It does not look like they are posting much personal information - just info they have trolled off of other Websites.

All the best to you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday...

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